Cost efficient hydro kinetic energy system for rivers and tidal ocean currents

In our web shop you will find a sensor kit we have developed for monitoring our test environments. We modified it a bit for more ordinary purposes. Maybe you will find them useful as well for campervans or boats. We have a few more products coming for sale soon.

The Kiteborne energy system convert energy from slow moving water to electricity. The unique tensegrity load structure allows hydrofoils to travel perpendicular to the current. This reduces system cost and increases material efficiency in order to achieve high ERoEI.

Slow moving currents in rivers present a vast, reliable, well distributed and untapped resource often located close to areas of consumption. This allows distributed supply and reduced losses in transportation of energy.

Large amounts of predictable resources from tidal ocean currents is our vision for the future of renewable energy.

We always look for talented and dedicated team members. Please feel free to get in touch.

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